Welcome to Kristin McCarthy Designs.

Whether it is wool, beads, pastels or Japanese papers—it is the allure of both colour and texture that entices me, flowing through all of my work. Each medium is very different from the next—it is this that allows me to express my creativity in so many ways. Wool is fun! I knit it, crochet it, felt it and bead it until it is transformed into something special. Wool of the Lamb Prayer Beads are traditional Catholic rosaries and chaplets using my unique woolen designs. I sell completed beads strands as well as offer workshops for you to string your own chaplets. My felted necklaces allow me to play with wool even further, creating affordable wearable art pieces. I am also passionate about pastels. I enjoy their richness and how they make a beautiful scene come alive with colour. My whimsical cards are hand-stitched and beaded papers, delightful to either give or receive or to keep for yourself!

These are some of my gifts that I happily share with you. They bring me personal peace and joy and I hope they instill something similar in you.

Welcome to Kristin McCarthy Designs featuring Wool of the Lamb Prayer Beads.

I continue to add products and content to my website. Please check back often.