Felted Sculpture That You Wear

Wool is a wonderful thing. Sculpting my hand-knit and crotched designs by felting, unleashes my creative side. The more I work with wool, the more ideas I have. There are so many beautiful colours and textures—the possibilities are endless. My woolen pieces go through a multistep process, whereby I either knit or crochet a design, subject it to a technique of wet and/or needle felting and then lastly, adding beads. I often pair unexpected colours together that make a truly unique piece.

I began making necklaces as a way to learn about wool; its behaviour and its abilities, as a way to make my prayer bead designs. What emerged were unique and pretty pieces of wearable fibre artwork. By adding beads or broken jewellery pieces, my necklaces began to take on a life of their own. I have a series of necklace themes that I create in many colour combinations. They are Basket of Flowers, Round Medallion, Rectangle, Rectangle Fringe, Trinity, Links, and Divine Mercy. I can customize any design to suit you. They are hand-made, one-of-a-kind pieces that you wear around your neck.

I also make Reclaimed Jewellery necklaces that use old or broken jewellery pieces to my felted designs. If you have a special piece of jewellery that is perhaps broken or parts missing, I may be able to give it new life.

Using both my prayer bead woolen ends and my necklace pieces, I create charming little woolen key chains as well, such as shamrock, sheep, rose, and flower medallion. (My list continues to grow)

I also make custom orders.

For more information, visit my Felted Wool page or contact me.