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I realize they are all so very different and you are probably wondering why I have chosen such an array of medium. Obviously, colour and texture play a large role in my work, as any artist would tell you. But there is something else. Each medium has it’s own set of tools that I use and many of these tools run into each other. All my tools are basic—knitting needles, crochet hooks, sewing needles, scissors and of course, my hands. Although my creativity flows through many outlets, my tools are simple and my hands do most of the work. My hands knit, crochet, felt, stitch, bead and paint whatever comes alive in my imagination. When you purchase one of my designs, you are choosing a unique and original piece of artwork, whether you are using my beads to pray, wearing a hand sculpted woolen necklace, enjoying a scenic picture or selecting one of my whimsical greeting cards. Whatever has caught your eye, I thank you for spending your time on my site.

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Brief descriptions of my products follow below.

Wool of the Lamb Prayer Beads

My rosaries and chaplets are a unique approach to traditional Catholic prayers. I use colourful glass beads with felted woolen ends, rather than the popular metal or plastic crucifix and are hand strung on durable braided cord. Many chaplets exist today, handed down through generations, however, I have occasionally matched traditional prayers and novenas with beads, creating new chaplets for prayerful reflection. I am always open to making new and exciting bead strands for our Catholic faithful. Whether it is a rose, a sheep, a cross or one of the many other ‘endings’ my imagination can come up with—all are soft in your hands while you pray. It is the ‘wool of the lamb’. Custom orders welcomed.

Felted Necklaces

The necklaces are fun to make and fun to wear. I knit and/or crochet a design, felt it and then bead it. Wool comes in so many lovely colours and textures—and its personality really shows when I felt it. I never know how my design will turn out until it is finished. It blossoms from a ball of wool into a charming and pretty necklace. They are all my original designs made by me. I make several styles: Trinity, Medallion, Large Tassel, Tree of Life, Rectangle, Rectangle with fringe, Basket of Flowers, Cross, Divine Mercy and Reclaimed Jewellery. Each comes with a prayer page if you are interested. And no, you don’t have to be Catholic to wear one—they are pretty for anyone with a neck (no matter the size). They are $25 each, unless otherwise specified. Custom orders welcomed.

Pastel Paintings

Painting with pastels is very different than painting with paint. Soft pastels start off as a stick so I use my hands rather than a brush. Brushes seem to just get in my way. As soon as the pastel touches the paper, I can feel how luxuriously rich and creamy each pastel colour is. I like to paint boldly with this medium with lots of layers to showcase the intensity of the colour palette. I most often paint local landscapes, but animals are grabbing my attention lately. Living in Rockwood, Ontario , Canada (near Guelph) offers plenty of inspiration for future scenic paintings waiting to happen. Commissions accepted.

Hand-Stitched and Beaded Paper Cards

All my cards are original designs, created and made by me. My tools are simple. A pair of scissors, beautiful Japanese papers, glass beads and colourful thread. My hands do most of the work. Using a plain pair of scissors, I cut out shapes of paper and stitch them together with beads and sequins. I do not use any glue in my designs. They are quirky little original pieces of artwork that you can either frame or give away. Crochet cards are my newest endeavor where I crochet little designs, adding beads and sequins to my cardstock. They are guaranteed to make you smile, at least a little bit. I use cream coloured linen textured cardstock. The cards are blank inside and come with an envelope.