Pastel Paintings

As soon as I put pastels to paper, I knew they were for me.

It was several years ago when I fell into total and utter delight. One is never totally ready when love decides to strike, but when it does the world begins to make sense. You know that deep down, life will never be the same again and you’re glad. As soon as I put pastels to paper, I knew they were for me. Something about soft pastel allows me to express the art that is within me unlike any other medium. Perhaps it is their velvety and luxurious textures or the endless colours ranging from soft to bold, vibrant to subdued. And yes, they are expensive, extremely messy and costly because they need framing. But love is blind, isn’t it? We accept the good with the bad and we look towards the future. It is a future with visions of optimism, vitality and tranquility. When you’re in love, there is no telling what one can accomplish. It is my starry-eyed dream to document my little corner of our unique and colourful world through painting.

Taking photos wherever life leads me provides me with endless inspiration…photos that are waiting to become my paintings. The peacefulness of sheep and the grandeur of trees always capture my attention. They are both symbols of hope, peace and life. I invite you into my experience, see what I see and stand where I stand. Our world is a lovely place. Take comfort in my paintings – enjoy them and let them inspire you.

Landscape Orientation Pastel Paintings

Portrait Orientation Pastel Paintings

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