Wool of the Lamb Prayer Beads

I design an array of hand-strung Catholic rosaries and chaplets (beaded prayer strands other than rosaries) teamed with easy to follow prayer pages instructing one how to use and pray the bead strands, packaged in a clear storage bag.

I use colourful glass beads matched with my original felted wool designs. I felt my original hand knit and crocheted woolen designs to match the theme of the bead strand rather than use the familiar saint medal or plastic crucifix. What emerges is a fun and new approach to traditional prayer beads but also a new approach to prayers we may already know. Holding the felted wool piece in your hand while you pray offers a comfort that is very soft and   soothing to touch. It is the “Wool of the Lamb”.

I continue to create exciting and different ends to my Rosary beads, blending knitting and crocheting together to form woolen, sculpted ‘softies’. Please take a look at my designs.

My list of chaplets continues to grow and I am always open to creating new strands. Several chaplets already exist, handed down through generations. However, I am continually inspired to create my own chaplets pairing beads with traditional Catholic prayers. I often pair my sculpted ‘softies’ with my chaplet designs. I also make beaded tassels without felting.

I can custom make whatever you wish.