Beads, Wool ZZ183


A trinity bead strand consisting of an orange hand-crocheted, hand-felted woolen cross ending, 1 orange, transparent, large round glass centre bead, followed by 1 each of pink, orange, and red needle-felted colour fast Kool-aid dyed woolen beads.

This chaplet is shipped with a prayer page providing instructions on its use and with a plastic storage bag to protect the prayer page.

Approximate dimensions: bead strand linear length – 19 cm; bead strand mass – 7.9 g; complete mass – 12.9 g.

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Beaded wool creations are created using a needle-felted colour fast Kool-aid dyed or natural (white or black), woolen beads made with approximately one-half gram of wool per bead attached to hand-crocheted and/or hand-felted wool crosses and threaded on braided line. Some beaded wool creations have glass beads included on the threaded strand.

These beaded creations are lightweight and very soft to hold and are great for hands that need to use large beads.

Recite Hail Mary or your favourite prayer.

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