Coin Purse, Wool ZZ164


A coin purse consisting of a hand-knit hand-felted brown flap with a pink, orange and brown striped body. The flap has a needle-felted orange bead. Latvian wool used throughout.

Approximate dimensions, coin purse closed and empty: coin purse length – 9 cm; coin purse width – 7 cm; coin purse mass – 16.4 g.

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Coin purses are multi-coloured cheerful, one of a kind wool items that may incorporate elements of hand-knit wool, hand-felted wool and needle-felted wool. These small purses are great for coins, prayer beads or other small items. They make a charming gift. Each purse is unique in colour and size. Some are knit with colourful stripes, others have needle felted designs or a handmade wooden bead on the front flap.

Dome fastened closure. Unlined. 100% wool.

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