Holy Water Rosary HRW05


A rosary consisting of a red hand-knit, hand-felted woolen sleeve ending with a needle felted image of a pale amber cross that contains a glass vial to store holy water light amber, milky, dime-shaped Czech glass beads and 3 mauve oval glass beads on the tail, 1 red with flecks of pink, opaque, round glass centre bead, followed by 5 decades of 10 mauve oval glass beads and 1 transparent, flattened round Czech glass bead.

Approximate dimensions: circumference – 49 cm; tail – 17 cm; rosary mass – 39.9 g; complete mass – 47.9 g. Storage bag dimension: 14.5 cm x 10.4 cm.

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The rosary is a devotion consisting of twenty decades, where one meditates on the chief mysteries of the life, death and glory of Jesus Christ and His Blessed Mother. It is a combination of both mental meditation and repetitive vocal prayer. From its inception onwards, the rosary devotion was directly tied to the string of beads that came to represent it. Each decade contains ten Ave Marias (Hail Marys) marked by small beads, preceded by a Paternoster (Our Father) marked by a larger bead. The beads add an aesthetic dimension, something tactile that you hold while praying, especially in times of trouble.

My rosaries offer a change from the standard plastic or metal rosaries that are found in most places.

The glass vial will allow you to store holy water.

This rosary is shipped with a prayer page providing instructions on its use and with a plastic storage bag to protect both the rosary and the prayer page.


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