Chaplet of St. Peregrine

He wept at the foot of the cross the night before his cancerous foot was to be amputated—the next day his cancer had gone.

Patron Saint of cancer patients, knee problems, and those suffering in prolonged pain.

Peregrine Laziosi was born in 1260 in Forlì, Italy to an affluent family. At that time, Forli was governed by the Pope as part of the Papal States, and Peregrine grew up in a family that was actively involved in the opposition, or anti-papal party. At this time, Mass and the Sacraments could not be celebrated due to the anti-papal activities. St. Philip Benizi, Prior General of the Servants of Mary, went to Forli to preach reconciliation. Young Peregrine with his strong political opinions not only heckled Philip during his preaching, but, struck him. Philip, instead of responding with anger and violence to the attack, turned and forgave Peregrine. This occurrence had a profound effect on Peregrine. He converted to the Catholic faith and was later ordained a priest, establishing a Servite community. He was a victim of a spreading cancer in his foot and was scheduled for an amputation. The night before the operation, he spent in prayer. That night he received a vision of Christ who healed him with a touch. The next morning, Peregrine found his cancer completely healed.

The Feast Day of St. Peregrine is May 1.

*Please do not mistake this for a cure or an alternative to medical treatment specified by your medical practitioner.

I offer two versions of the Chaplet of St. Peregrine in various colour combinations. Each chaplet comes with a prayer page and a plastic storage bag. Sample images and prices are shown below.

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Chaplet of St. Peregrine – $16

The Chaplet of St. Peregrine consists of 10 beads ending with a beaded tassel.

Chaplet of St. Peregrine 2
Chaplet of St. Peregrine 2
Chaplet of St. Peregrine – Felted – $16

The Chaplet of St. Peregrine Felted consists of 10 beads ending with a felted cross or a felted tag.

Chaplet of St. Peregrine 1
Chaplet of St. Peregrine 1