Chaplet for the Holy Souls HS03


A chaplet consisting of a black opaque cube shaped glass bead tassel, 1 black fire-polished round Czech glass bead and 3 turquoise oval glass beads on the tail, 4 black fire-polished round Czech glass marker beads, and 40 turquoise oval glass beads.



The Chaplet for the Holy Souls is a bead strand with a beginning tassel or hand-felted ending, 4 beads on the tail, followed by a round consisting of 4 sets of 11 beads (10 ovals and 1 marker). The main prayer used to pray the round bead set of this chaplet is the Sweet Heart of Mary Be My Salvation.

This Chaplet for the Holy Souls is known as the “Chaplet for the Dead”, but I changed the name of this out of respect for the loving souls who have gone before us and to those of us they have left behind. This is not to be mistaken for another chaplet for Holy Souls that is much longer, with a different set of prayers.

This chaplet is shipped with a prayer page providing instructions on its use and with a plastic storage bag to protect both the chaplet and the prayer page.

Additional information

Weight 37 g
Dimensions 23.0 × 14.7 × 2.0 cm


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