Chaplet of the Holy Trinity (Mini) HTM06


A chaplet consisting of a trinity bead strand of a tassel made with 1 dirty yellow translucent flattened round Czech glass bead and tangerine seed beads, and 3 red opaque round glass beads.

Approximate dimensions: bead strand linear length – 9 cm; bead strand mass – 3.5 g; complete mass – 8.3 g.

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The Chaplet of the Holy Trinity (Mini) is a small bead strand with felted wool, beaded tassel or key chain ending and a linear bead set consisting of 3 beads. The main prayers used to pray this chaplet are the Our Father, the Hail Mary and the Glory Be.

It contains three different options depending on your needs at the time. The first set are common Catholic prayers. The second set honours our loving Mother Mary and the third set features the Acts of the Three Virtues; Faith, Hope and Charity.

This chaplet is shipped with a prayer page providing instructions on its use and with a plastic storage bag to protect both the chaplet and the prayer page.


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