Pastel Paintings Bring Joy

Living in Rockwood, Ontario (near Guelph) allows me to stay in touch with nature on a daily basis. Surrounding myself among trees, fields, rocks, natural waterways, horses, cattle and sheep are calming forces in my life. Seeing sheep grazing in their field, the wind in the trees, winter shadows on a snowy landscape and pathways that lead to light. These are the things that inspire me to paint.

When I open up my box of pastels, the colours just sing- waiting to become one of these images. Each group of colours reminds me of the four seasons: whites, blues and greys for winter; bright greens for spring; deep greens, pinks and yellow for summer and ochres, purples, deep reds and oranges for autumn. As I begin a new painting, it takes on a life of its own—a little snapshot of a particular time, during a particular season at a certain place. What wasn’t there before, now exists as a reminder of where I have been and what I have seen. And that allows me to share it with the world around me.

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