Wall Hanging, Wool WH03


A wall hanging consisting of a hand-crocheted, hand-felted ecru blossom with needle-felted woolen green and mauve leaves and stem on a heathered light brown hand-knit, hand-felted wool background. Two amethyst beads are used to attach the heathered light brown hand-knit, hand-felted wool tabs to the weathered wood rod. The loop is made of natural jute.

Approximate dimensions: hanging length from centre of leather loop to bottom of art – 46 cm; art length – 21 cm; art width – 20 cm; stick length – 45 cm; stick diameter – 1.5 cm; wool tab length – 6 cm; natural jute loop length – 48 cm; total mass – 152.0 g.

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Wall hangings are created using a hand-knit, hand-felted wool substrate upon which is placed a unique woolen design that may be created by needle-felted wool and/or hand-crocheted, hand-felted wool. Each wall hanging is attached by one or more hand-knit, hand-felted wool tabs to a naturally weathered, wood stick as a rod and some form of loop to enable them to hung on a wall.


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