Chaplet of the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit Workshop

For Grade 7 Confirmation

The cost is $6 per chaplet kit.

Through the Sacrament of Confirmation, you are completing your commitment to Christ that began at your Baptism, making you adults in the Faith. You are given the Holy Spirit who visits you inwardly and touches you deep within your soul. Whatever challenges you face in your life, know that these special gifts given to you by the Holy Spirit are like no others. Time in prayer will help you develop these gifts and give you complete confidence in Christ.

Inspired by the Sacrament of Confirmation, with children, ages 12—14 in mind, I have re-created the Chaplet of the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit by using more modern day vocabulary that would appeal to our young people.  The Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit are the same: Wisdom, Understanding, Knowledge, Fortitude (Courage), Counsel (Right Judgement), Piety (Reverence) and Fear of the Lord (Wonder and Awe), but I have added meditations that will hopefully inspire our faithful young Catholics. The Holy Spirit did indeed guide me through this process.

This is a special year for Grade 7 students, and this workshop offers them a keepsake of their Confirmation. It is also a great way for each student to know and understand the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit in a prayerful way.

Each Gift is paired with an easy to understand insightful meditation. Mary also has a strong presence in this chaplet with each gift accompanied by a Hail Mary. Know that you can also call on Our Blessed Mother for help at any time.  It is a short, easy to use chaplet that will hopefully inspire our intermediate students.

This is also a great workshop for those who wish to reconnect with the Holy Spirit and reaffirm the gifts that have been given us.

In this workshop, following my instructions, each participant will make their own Chaplet of the Seven Gifts of the Holy Spirit, which begins with a white, woolen cross (which symbolizes the Holy Spirit), continues with 7 round glass beads (one for each gift alternating white and brightly coloured) and finishes with an end bead. Each chaplet kit comes with a prayer page and plastic storage bag. After the chaplet is strung together, we pray the chaplet as a group.

For more information or if you would like to host a Wool of the Lamb Prayer Bead workshop, visit my Kristin’s Workshops page or contact me.