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Holy Rosary Workshop

For Grade 2 First Communion

The cost is $11 per kit.

The Rosary is a beautiful, prayerful exercise that encourages you to be still and mindful. It is a prayer that can be done privately or communally and offers the Catholic faithful something that we all share in common. It helps us all to better our relationship with Our Lord as well as Our Blessed Mother Mary. The way to Jesus is through His mother.

The Holy Rosary workshop is a great introduction to the rosary for a First Communion class or to those looking to familiarize themselves with this prayer. This is a fun and hands-on approach for Grade 2 students to get to know the rosary and Mary, Our Blessed Mother, as well as an understanding of how to pray the rosary.

Students make their own rosary using natural coloured wooden beads and a blue woolen cross. Students can personalize their rosary by choosing between two different shades of blue, both symbolizing Our Blessed Mother. The wooden beads represent the wood of the cross and the woolen cross represents the Wool of the Lamb. As we string the beads together, these young students practice sorting, counting and patterning while using fine motor skills and listening to instruction.

I often split the Holy Rosary workshop into two parts. As a class, it takes about one and a half hours to make the rosary due to the age of the students. There are a lot of beads to string for little fingers. I also recommend that the Grade 2 students be assisted by older students, such as Grades 7 or 8, or by parent volunteers. We take a break before learning to pray the rosary or, in some cases, I return another day to pray the rosary with the Grade 2 students.

At the end of the Holy Rosary workshop, students have a completed rosary and an understanding of how it is prayed. This workshop helps them practice  popular Catholic prayers, such as Our Father, Hail Mary and Glory Be. It is a great  introduction to meditation, reflection and being still and invokes a relationship with God and His Mother Mary. Communal prayer also encourages children to share their Catholic faith with their peer community.

In this workshop, following my instructions, each participant will make their own Rosary, which consists of 5 sets of 10 Hail Mary beads (oval wooden beads), marked with 5 our father beads (round wooden beads), one centre bead (large oval wooden bead), ending with a woolen cross. Each chaplet kit comes with a prayer page and plastic storage bag. After the chaplet is strung together, we pray the chaplet as a group.

For more information or if you would like to host a Wool of the Lamb Prayer Bead workshop, visit my Kristin’s Workshops page or contact me.